Day One

  1. - Registration - Day One
  2. - Title: Designing a Better You , by Headline speaker: Louis Rosenfeld Rosenfeld Media
  3. - Title: Design Thinking: A Designer’s Best Friend? , by Aline Baeck Head of Design; Capital One, UK
  4. - Title: Conversation is the command line of tomorrow , by Daniel Harvey Experience Design Director; SapientNitro
  5. - Morning Coffee Break - Day One
  6. - Title: Beyond Reality: How we built a Virtual Reality app for the Economist , by Will McMaster Head of Production; Visualise
  7. - Title: A Blended Approach: Embracing the vast and dynamic possibilities of data science , by Angel Brown Strategy Director, UX; Ogilvy DigitalHealth
  8. - Title: Are we nearly there yet? , by Matt Lindop Head of Customer Experience; Premier Inn
  9. - Lunch - Day One
  10. - Title: The Giddiest Kipper , by Gavin Strange Senior Designer; Aardman Animations
  11. - Title: Insights in Self-centred Design , by Karey Helms Senior Interaction Designer; Zebra Technologies
  12. - Afternoon Coffee Break - Day One
  13. - Title: Keynote: Artifacts From the Future: The Impact of Time Travel on Design , by Leo Frishberg Owner / Principal; Phase II

Day Two

  1. - Registration - Day Two
  2. - Title: Keynote: When Your Internet Things Know How You Feel , by Pamela Pavliscak Founder; Change Sciences
  3. - Title: Digitised realities — the new lexicons for our world , by Alberta Soranzo Director of End-to-End Service Design; Lloyds Banking Group
  4. - Morning Coffee Break - Day Two
  5. - Title: The FinTech Disruptors: How the Next Generation of Financial Services are Rethinking the Customer Experience , by Usman Sheikh Global Head of Design & Experimentation; Barclaycard Future Payments
  6. - Title: Virtual Realities, Real People: Exploring the Impact on both Playtest and UX Participant Recruitment , by Maya Middlemiss Managing Director; Saros Research
  7. - Title: Anticipatory design & the invisible interface , by Sarah Doody User Experience Designer and Product Strategist
  8. - Lunch - Day Two
  9. - Title: Elementary, my dear Watson (the movie guide to accessibility) , by Leonie Watson Senior Accessibility Engineer; The Paciello Group (TPG)
  10. - Title: Mapping cross-channel ecosystems , by Andrea Resmini Professor; Jönköping International Business School
  11. - Afternoon Coffee Break - Day Two
  12. - Title: Keynote: Beyond User Research , by Headline speaker: Louis Rosenfeld Rosenfeld Media