Maya Middlemiss
Managing Director; Saros Research


Founder of Saros Research Ltd in the UK, Maya now employs a team of home-working project managers in three countries, and is passionate about getting things done and creating a life and work style to suit each individual. She blogs and coaches local businesses and young people about social media and productivity, and she relocated to Spain in 2009 (though visits the UK every few weeks).

Talk Details

Virtual Realities, Real People: Exploring the Impact on both Playtest and UX Participant Recruitment

The advent of truly consumer-oriented virtual reality equipment is having a significant impact both on available methodologies for researchers, and the range of people needed to take part as testers. 

The experience for the participants is evolving too, alongside the popular understanding of gaming, communications and creativity, as this consumer technology revolution unfolds. Recruiting participants for UX and games testing in this environment is challenging, interesting and fun – but don’t take our word for it, we’ll see what the participants themselves really think.